Township Game Tips & Tricks That You Need To Know

township game tips

One of the best mobile games is Township game. The goal behind the game is simple as it involves upgrading your simple town and making it a bustling metropolis. This might seem very easy, but when it comes to real action, that’s where the rubber meets the road.

In this article, I am going to give you simple tips that will help you in the making the above a possibility. Some of these tips include:

1. Planting/Harvesting Wheat

One of the easiest activities on Township game entails planting and harvesting of various goods. As you level up, you get the chance of planting new types of goods. This increases the production of resources you’ll need to feed the farm animals in your town.

The cheapest item to plant and harvest is seen as it is free of charge. Therefore, any time you go low on coins, raise some more by spreading wheat across your fields. Planting/harvesting a bunch of wheat earns you a ton of coins. You can then proceed and sell it out of the barn. Planting/harvesting a ton of wheat can also earn you XP points.

2. Before Building Anything New, Make Sure You Have Enough Coins.

When it comes to constructing all types of new buildings, you will have to meet various requirements connected to them. When you reach new player levels in every category, new buildings are unlocked. These different categories are: “Community Buildings,” “Houses,” “Farming,” “Factories,” “Decorations,” and “Special.”

To build something new, you’ll always need to have some accounts in your account. Therefore, before you make up your mind to start a new task, make sure your bank has enough coins to handle that task. Apart from coins, you will also need to have a certain number of citizens before building up a Special building or a new factory.

3. Before You Log Off, Set Up Activities That Will Take Long to Complete

Nothing feels more fun in Township game than adding a new building as you develop your town. However, waiting for the construction of that building to finish is not easy. The secret, therefore, is to ensure that you set up these buildings tied up to them when you feel you are done for the day. Once you log back in, your town will be full of completed buildings.

Alternatively, you can decide to use cash to finish your in-progress buildings instantly. However, having cash for gaming might not always be available. Therefore, the secret is earning in-game cash by completing achievements, sending goods and increasing your player level.


What makes Township Cheats fun to play is because it is more or less like building an actual town. Just as you need different types of construction materials to finalize a building in real life, the same happens in the game. For you to complete a brand new Factory, Community Building or Special building, you’ll need different types of construction items. Acquiring these items might take time, and it is therefore advised to set up this task before logging off.