Township Guide – Learn These Before You Become An Expert

Township Guide

Township is a mobile game that tasks players with the responsibility of building up a modern town. They do this by planting crops and producing goods then selling them to make an income. Building up a bustling city needs a lot of money. There are two types of currency used in the game named premium T-Cash and Coins. The secret of your success in the game is in the number of coins you can earn in Township. Therefore, in this article, we will give you several tips for going about it.

1. Befriend many players

If you are a social person, you can benefit from this. All you will need is to befriend as many Township players as possible and if possible, target the ones you notice are very active. Sending and receiving of gifts should be an everyday thing every time you log in to your account. At the same time, having many friends makes it easier for you to fulfill the Train Station orders.

To help your friends to fulfill their Train Station obligation, you will need to jump into the “Friends” menu to be able to switch to the exclamation point tab. Get into the towns of your intended players and help them out as expected. Once you help the featured player in their task, when you need help, the chances are high that you will get a helping hand from them as well. Just as it is important to get a friend, you can rely on in the real-life, you also need to have reliable friends on Township cheats as well.

2. Pay regular visits to your town to receive daily rewards

Once you open a Township game account, you are entitled to several rewards for the visits. Although there are times when you might be busy and unable to open the game, you can decide to be visiting your town shortly every day. You will not enjoy the daily bonus unless you visit your town for five consecutive days.

You fill your coins purse the first four days, and if you are faithful enough to log in even on the 5th day, you are rewarded with an awesome gift. Whether you are logging in to play the game or not, spare a few minutes, claim your free coins then continue with your daily activities.

3. Farm Wisely

The main activity in the Township gaming site is farming. For that reason, it is important to make wise choices when choosing the crops to farm. During the day, spend time farming crops that finish fast like corn and wheat. You sell for 1 coin per piece, and it grows in a few minutes. Corn costs 1 coin per field, but it sells for three coins.


Make good use of your nights. If you want to farm crops like potatoes and cacao, farm them before you log out. At the same time, activities that take longer to complete are better done at night than in the morning. Once you leave them running, in the morning you will find complete projects.