How To Get Township Cash – Township Guide

how to get township cash

Don’t be mistaken. When we talk about Township cash, we are not talking about real-life money. We are talking about the cash used in the Township game to make things easy for you. In this case, we are talking about Coins as they are the main currency used in this game.

Why are coins important?

Township Cash is what keeps you going in the game. You use it to construct buildings, grow crops, build factories, enclosures and many more. This is the same currency you will use to decorate your town. What all this means is that the Township cash is very important, but the question is, how do you earn it? In this article, we are going to teach you how to get Township cash fast.

1. Filling Orders Through The Helicopter

The helicopter is not new; you find it in the game from the beginning. To use the helicopter, you will need first to gather goods for residents of your town and then tap send to have the helicopter deliver them. Once you send an order, th3e helicopter flies directly to the recipient’s house delivers the goods then it returns to the Heli-pad.

The number of orders the helicopter will deliver is highly determined by the number of people living in your town. Using the helicopter does not only allow you to gain coins, but it also gives you experience and confidence. You will also be able to level up in the game.

2. Excavating in The Mine

To restore the mine, you need 3,000 coins, and you must have reached level 21. To build the mine, you will need one day and six hours totalling up to 30 hours. After completion, you get 128xp. Once finished, it can be moved. There are several things found in the mine such as stones, dirt and rocks together with dynamite, TNT’s and pickaxes.

Every artifact you excavate in the mine will bring you closer to a complete collection at the museum. You can find 3 of any artifact only and each of every artifact you get will be rewarded with Tcash. There are many goods you can find in the mine some of which include; artifacts, gems, ores, messages in bottles, clay, treasure rooms/chests and mining tools.

3. Loading airplanes

When you get to level 17, you will be requested to repair the airport. After that, Profile Pic 19 is unlocked. You will then be expected to press the send button to receive airplanes. However, if you forget, they will be sent automatically within 15 hours.

To complete the plane requests quickly, you will need to grow crops overnight, produce goods in advance and use the market. To know the goods, you require to fill the next plane; you can preview items.


There are many other ways to get Cash in the game using Township Hack. The higher you rise in levels, the more options you get and the more fun the game gets. Therefore, it’s time to start building your town and unveil the mysteries hidden in the game.